Friday 9 April 2010

Salute contingent (I) - Lord Grey

This is effectively a half-sized contingent for the Perry’s Salute game, to bulk up a Yorkist 'battle'. Lord Grey was a key Lancastrian protanganist at the battle of Northampton, who’s defection appears to have been the catalyst for the Yorkist victory. At Tewkesbury he was fighting for Edward IV, having been made earl of Kent by the new king. These figures will be increased in size later on, to form one of the wings for my Northampton game.
The figures have been blocked and dipped, with minimal highlighting on these as done at double-quick time. The dip was then matt varnished with Humbrol ‘Matt Cote’ (except for the plate and mail). This varnish has killed the gloss dip, but also has killed nearly all the depth and subtley that the dip creates! So different varnish on the next batch. Ready very soon.
Oh and I forgot to reveal the make of the artillery piece, of a couple of blogs ago... I know you've all been waiting patiently, breath abated! Well Kelly, the designer himself, got it right! It’s a casting from Empire Miniatures of Australia, now sadly OOP it appears.


  1. Nice work.Keep us posted on the results.


  2. Nice work Simon. I'm sure that these will look blinkin' amazing on the table at Salute.

    Again, another plea from me for everyone who will be there, don't forget your camera! :O)


  3. ..and new camera purchased for the occassion too (well, sort of), just waiting for a bigger memory card to arrive from t'web and I'll hopefully give it a go on some minis before Salute.