Monday 8 November 2021

Blog Recommendation: Hand Built History

 I'd like to recommend a new blog that I'll be keenly following, Hand Built History

It's a blog by John Boadle, who for those who aren't aware of John, is a master terrain builder, great figure painter and thoroughly generous and engaging chap to boot. John's been making high quality models for many years and I'm fortunate enough to have few pieces made by him which are the pride of my collection, when he the spare time to make some for others. John's buildings are all handmade from polyboard, plastic card, balsa and hand-cast items - not a single computer 3D image in sight. He's recently recently been making artillery pieces for Michael Perry's Franco Prussian range.

In the blog John's promising to show a gradual build and so give us an insight into his techniques. A first post shows a Swiss fortified church that he did for me,  pictures of which are below.


Really looking forward to reading more on this.