Friday 14 April 2017

Conductuer's Pavilion (II)

I'm sure that there's so many of you who have been losing sleep from thinking about what happened to a pavilion build which I started in 2014 for a Burgundian Captain, ...and you've all been too polite to ask! Well, I can sate your ongoing curiosity and provide an extremely belated update.

To briefly recap, this is a composite model which is not directly based on any contemporary illustration, but is an attempt to create a possible pavilion used by higher status Burgundian captain. Since 2014 I changed my plans from a completely canvas tent to one which is a combination of canvas tents and prefabricated wooden sides. The next step was to get the wooden sides done, which James from Oshiro Model Terrain laser cut from thin plywood, to accommodate some pre-cut gothic window frames in HO scale from York Model Rail. The canvas roof of the middle section is from a Curteys Miniatures tent, on which are Madonna icons made by Noch for model railways.

The reverse
After assembly of the parts, I've filled in all the gaps with putty (using Green Stuff, Procreate and Das), so that we're now at the stage for an undercoat and painting. Before the sides were attached I had to complete the internals of the tent which can be seen through the open entrance. These are printed images of a tapestry ('Hercules Initiating the Olympic Games' from the Burrell Collection, Glasgow) hanging on the side and a carpet of the arms of Burgundy on the floor (from my photo of an original hanging in Thun Castle). You can see these a little more clearly through the doorway on the actual model, than I can replicate on the camera.

Tapestry and carpet

A glimpse inside
Once I've painted the canvas I'll add extra horizontal panels around the joint of the roof and sides which will have printed Burgundian mottos stuck on (taken from printed flags) and some guy ropes. I'm thinking whether the entrance needs some simple wooden fencing around it, just to deter any folk of lesser social status from barging in? I'll then complete a base with some figures, as well as encampment bits and bobs around it. Or perhaps I should wait and hope that the Perry's create some 28mm Swiss looters??

Inspiration - wooden pavilion from Berne Chronicles
Inspiration - Burgundian pavilions by Gerry Embelton
This is a model which I've never been quite sure how well it'll work out, since I came up with the design idea - an unusual and convincing piece for the camp, or just a bit naff and odd - hence it's sat to one side for so long. Hopefully it won't be another 2 years before I find out which one it is.



  1. Looking forward to seeing it completed.

  2. Brilliant. I thought i had put some work into my Renaissance 15mm camp scene, but this is really taking details to the extreme.

  3. this is so great i cant believe its finally released

  4. Looking good, you could probably create some looters yourself I reckon. Perhaps this could also be a good backdrop for a knight and his squire arming?

  5. The tapestry and carpet takes this build to another level, superb.
    I look forward to seeing the looters, looting.