Sunday 8 December 2019

Burgundian Horseholders - completed.

Finally found some spare time to get the last householder base completed - a little rushed, but great to get the unit done and it's always a feeling of satisfaction when something you plan as a germ of an idea, comes out OK, despite it taking a few months from start to finish.

Here are some pictures of the three bases and with the unit of dismounted archers with riding boots that were started in the summer. They seems to work OK together. I'm working on another combined-arms unit for the Burgundian army in the new year.

I've also converted a coustiller urgently mounted his horse - either as a messenger or to portray the haste with which the Burgundians had to form up at the battles of Morat or Nancy against the fast-approaching Swiss. He's a plastic Perry Light Cavalry figure, chopped up a bit, with a metal Perry mount with saddle and stirrups added.
He's somewhere up the top of the pile on the painting desk.



  1. Super conversions and painting!
    Best Iain

  2. beautiful unit !! great work of conversion and painting, I think I'll copy some things.

  3. Impressive brushwork - definitely more than just ok!

  4. They really have been worth all the effort Simon, a superb and very useful unit.

  5. Those turned out rather well, and I love the messenger. You always manage to put real character into these conversions.

  6. That's a lovely piece Simon.

    You've captured the moment perfectly.

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