Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Burgundian Horseholders (III)

The second horseholder base is complete.

I like the composition of this one and although getting the reins lined up in the page's hands took some time, but I'm happy with the finished base.

For the third base I need to ideally find a slightly different variation on a theme. Current preparation on the horses has removed the reins and added the saddles (stirrups to be added). The page I'm considering is a plastic Perry figure - his top half is from the Foot Knights command sprue, with his armoured legs removed and replaced with one from the Bills and Bows box. Head will probably be another soft hat, which seem most appropriate.

Toodle pip...



  1. Superb attention to detail on these bases Simon - and they will be useful for so many things as well.

  2. Great work! Really natural posing and arrangement of the minis!

  3. Lovely looking pair of bases!
    Best Iain

  4. you have an utterly incredible devotion to such a small period in history!

    1. Sadly...yes! But I do have some other armies...they just don't have a blog!

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