Thursday 31 August 2017

Berne Pike block (II)

A quick update on progress made. Three front rank bases of pike - of the nine planned - have been painted.

More heavily armoured figures are forming the front ranks, many in full harness, in my attempt to represent the images of the Schilling Berne chronicles.

Think I'm OK with the arrangement of poses, but will wait until the next supporting base are done, before I commit to using the superglue. I guess a few discarded weapons and arrows could fill the space in front of the pikes.


  1. These look great and very evocative of the Schilling Chronicles, the plumes and kettle hats are really good touches. I'd be tempted to see what a third rank would look like to push the end of the pikes forward a little and add to the tight formation or possibly just add another 2 or 3 figures to the base ?

    1. Very good point (no pun intended!) - I have room for a third row and was wondering if they needed to look a bit more crowded (like others I've seen).
      Will try that, although I have to paint more now!!

  2. Nice start to a pike block, it's always nice to see a densely packed one!
    Best Iain

  3. I'm watching your work. This is amazing!

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