Wednesday 31 August 2016

The Bastard of Burgundy is green...

...and ready for painting.

All the men at arms and their mounts are converted and to be undercoated for painting. I've spent a fair bit of time in converting, partly as the process to add putty is a slow one (several mistakes have been redone). These pics do show the amount of additions etc made to the Perry Miniatures plastics. The figure to the left of the duke, is a conversion by Oliver at Steel Fist Miniatures and kindly sent to me - so he'd been reserved for this unit.

I 'borrowed' a couple of horses which I've fiddled about with last year and added cloth coverings over the bard (as Italians), as I've never gotten around to adding paint. Two figures on each side base will carry a flag/pennon and they'll be a row of supporting coustillers etc, in due course. I think that this will be the final composition for the three bases, all held with Blutac as the moment.

On to the painting stage - I'll post when I have done each group of three figures.

Cheers, Simon.


  1. Wow ! you are a master of composition, really like what you've done with the rider with the mace - was that a cut at the waist and re-position?

    These are going to be lovely...... and somewhat painstaking !

    Very promising indeed

    1. Thanks. Guy with mace is a foot knights body attached to legs - as I wanted to add the large besagews (taken from contemporary image).

  2. Look great, impressive barding and the additional feathers are a nice additional feature.
    Best Iain

  3. Absolutely tremendous and not a paint pot in sight, this is just going to get better and better.

  4. These are going to look fantastic when painted up. I notice you have made great use of the feather plume casts, they are really useful.

  5. beautiful! I can see you spent lots of hours toiling with the green stuff, i'm looking forward to seeing them painted!

  6. Jeez, these are going to be brilliant when it's all said and done. Terrific work.