Tuesday 2 February 2016

Coustiller - flag bearers prep.

Just as a follow up to the last post, I mentioned that I was adding flags to steel poles rather than the moulded plastic ones, for fear of potential future damage when handling etc. Tonight I've prepared two more Burgundian coustillers who'll carry flags or pennons.

They both use sets of arms comes from the Perrys Light Cavalry box, with the spear and bow replaced and drilled out. Both have plume and pennon added respectively to make them look a little more appropriate for Burgundians of 1470s. Paint to be applied - which should create two more bases this week.

That is all....


  1. Very imaginative conversion work Simon, especially good work on the mini flag on left figures helmet!

    1. Thanks Chris - it's just a pennon cut off a plastic helm, attached to pin and the joint wrapped with green stuff for robustness.

  2. Lovely work on these, I'm looking forward to the completed bases
    Best Iain