Sunday 23 February 2014

Communal tent - WIP

Several Swiss and Italian medieval illustrations show encampments with open-ended tents; basically canvas sheets laid over three simple pre-fabricated wooden frames. These appear to be used for either storage of items from the weather or as an accessible area where foods were prepared and possibly served from. So I thought my encampments ought to have one too.

These images are from the Companie of St George reenactment group in 2011 and Gerry Embelton drawings (copyrighted) taken from Swiss Chronicles. 

My work to date shows the timber frames cut from bass wood and I plan to add canvas made from thin pewter sheeting. I've assembled basic furniture, boxes, sacks etc from various manufacturers and have some nicely sculpted plates with foodstuffs from Mirliton. So lots of fiddly items to paint. Of course all this internal detail will be slightly obscured when the plain canvas cover goes on! 

I've also started an attempt at creating a couple of chaps to sit at the table - using cut-down Perry plastic bodies with added bent legs. Early days on these - just started bulking out the wire legs - although already the thighs look too long, but they'll be hidden under the table, so I may just get away my poor sculpting!!

More anon....

23 Feb...quick update...guys are now booted up!!


  1. I think this is going to look really good

  2. Greate work !!! and a greate idé that might be stolen, if you don´t mind...

    Best regards Michael

  3. It looks to shaping up as yet another real winner piece from you!