Friday 9 August 2013

Payrac - a one horse town.

As is usual I took with me figures to paint on holiday (some plastic Perry horses) and as usual I made very little progress. The main reason was the weather - very warm and sunny - superb for the holiday, but very problematic for painting. Firstly the acrylics dry much too quickly and even when kept dampened with water are drying on the brush and so not applying in the same way. Secondly the light is different to daylight bulbs and even in a shaded spot the overall glare makes it tricky to see details sufficiently well. I can only deduce that all those great figure painters in Spain and Southern Europe, do not pursue their hobby al fresco.

So a great holiday in wonderful part of france; food, wine and scenery all excellent, but only a single completed horse to show for it. Others are at a shade coat and first highlight stage only, and will be finished off back on the trusty painting desk in the UK - where the sun never shines!


  1. I would think excellent food, wine, and scenery were an adequate excuse. ;)


    1. Too right!

      Very nice work Simon- hope to see more soon.


  2. Glad you had a great holiday. I miss holidays to France since I've been stuck up north.

  3. Looking good! Never made holidays in France, the speed limits on the french autobahn are just too awful :-)

  4. Glad to hear the holidays went well and you managed to get some jolly nice work done even if the paint was drying too quickly.

  5. Nice horse, and checking the map you're not too far from where i live! Well, not next door but in the area. It's a small world.