Friday 24 May 2013

Two small vignettes

I always love adding some vignettes to enhance an army and usually I'll end up spending far too long on them. However these two have been done relatively swiftly this week, in a couple of painting sessions. I think they are some of the nicest sculpts of the Perrys Late Medieval range so far - I'm sure they're more great figures to come.

First is a scene depicting Burgundian troops taking mass - perhaps before combat or just as part of their daily ritual - beside a wayside cross, accompanied by a priest. They wear Italian style dress and armour (from where Charles the Bold recruited many mercenaries to his Ordonnance companies). The shrine is compiled from a Noch model railway kit which contains several such useful items, which are HO scale but seem to fit in OK - in fact I cut down the height of the post for this one a little.

The other pair are from the Perry casualties set and is a wonderfully detailed one-piece sculpt; inspired I'm sure by a Graham Turner illustration in the Osprey 'Condottieri' book. I love the arming jacket shown where the man at arms armour plates have been removed or torn away from his injured left arm.

Not much more to say really... but fun to paint up.


  1. Kovely paint work !!!

    Very inspirational !

    Best regards Michael

  2. Excellent. I really like the way you´ve painted the White of the priests clobber. The Noch Shrine fits perfectly

  3. Absolutely delightful work, beautifully executed Sir.

  4. Pure atmosphere. Your vignettes are always a joy to behold. Nothing wrong with having more of 'em than the average wargamer, I reckon.

    Cheers, SG

  5. Truly excellent stuff. every time you post something i end up at the painting desk! or ordering more figures!!

  6. They're very nicely painted indeed, the figs are now on my list I think.

  7. Another top notch example of figure painting. Looking forward to seeing more of the same.


  8. Real beauties Simon.