Wednesday 25 July 2012

More Burgundian Ordonnance men at arms

I've finally completed my second mounted men at arms for my Burgundians. They've been slow going - from the prep and enhancements done to some of the horses (see previous posts), the addition of cross of St Andrews to the riders' harness, to the final painting (which the horses seems to be a longer process than the men, as the plate armour is largely a wash and dry brushing) - although other pieces have got picked up and completed during that time.

The only metal figures are the Company's captain (the converted Perry Joan figure from their HYW range) and the pennon bearer. The remainder are plastics, largely from the box except for the addition of the St Andrew crosses made from Procreate - another slow process as one 'arm' has to be done and left to fully harden before the other is added. I now start to appreciate how long the process must be to sculpt a full figure from start to finish. Some have had metal plumes attached.

The pennon is of the 15th Ordonnance company, showing St Peter holding the keys to heaven. This company was formed in 1473 by ducal decree and was present at the siege of Neuss in 1475 and at the battle of Nancy two years later, at which time the conductuer was Phillipe de Loyette.

I think that the next men at arms will be in more aggressive poses, to compliment the movement of the horses.


  1. Once again, a really nice unit, congratulations !

  2. Stunning unit !!!

    Best regards Michael

  3. Fantastic looking figures, very impressive standard of painting.


  4. An excellent unit, and well worth the wait and all the effort you've put in. I too have much more appreciation for the time and effort that goes into sculpting - no more will I impatiently groan about any forthcoming release!

    The plans for the next lot sound great too, it would be good to then see all of the horse en haye in battle array.

    1. Thanks for everyone's comments.
      I'll certainly do a line up of all the mounted figures, when they're a bit more numerous - perhaps a good target as my 100th post on this blog?

  5. Great looking figs and a super blog: keep up the good work.

  6. Great looking unit. I know there is a lot of good painting there - but I particularlty like the faces


  7. Quality work once again. Your attention to detail is outstanding.

  8. What is the size of the bases you are using for the 3 figure gendarme stands? Looks really nifty.