Friday 11 May 2012

Horse tack variations

Just an quick interim post, as I slowly continue to paint my first Ordonnance Men at Arms contingent.

I wanted to create a little variety with the horses's tack, as most of this unit will be unarmoured mounts and the consequence of interchangable horse halves in the Perry mounted men at arms box is that the tack is all the same (very similar to the horses illustrated in the 'Beauchamp Pageant'). One of the benefits of plastic is that such changes are relatively easy to attempt. I have therefore scraped away with a sharp scalpel the existing retaining straps on the horses rump and smoothed down the other tack on the flanks. I then cut to shape some replacement tack out of thin foil (from puree tubes that I've saved), loosely based on some medieval illustrations. These have then had a covering of GW Green Stuff brushed on in order to give them a bit of texture before undercoating and painting.


  1. These are going to look really good painted up. Good job.

  2. Its surprising what a difference it makes, should look excellent painted up!!!