Wednesday 25 January 2012

Swiss conversions

Whilst I'm awaiting the next Perrys WR range metal releases so I can complete a couple of bases, I've been reviewing plans for my Swiss Confederation army. I have one pike bloc nearly completed, using the Foundry figures and I'm going to rebase these to match my 180mm Impetus frontage. I need a few extra figures, particularly for command and flagbearers.

I've therefore been fiddling about and have created a few new ones utilising the Perry Swiss heads pack. They've been attached to Citadel 'Alcatanti Pikemen', from their Dogs of War box set (which were designed a few years ago, but are still available). These figures wear late fifteenth century attire in the main, plate armour on body and arms (or mail sleeves), with some rather fanciful barbutes and are designed by one or both of the Perry brothers, so the size and style appears to compliment nicely with the current Perry WR and EA ranges, once the slotta tag is replaced with a plasticard base to match the height of the figures. A quick beheading with hacksaw and drilling of a hole to accept the replacement metal head, plus removal of the cast-on pike for the flagbearers or the addition of a halbard head, and hey presto, we have some new poses for the Swiss. They can equally be used for Burgundians with the application of heads from the Mercenaries plastics box - and probably will be.

That's all for now...


  1. Thats a great idea, they look so different without the Barbutes. With a bit of tweaking alot of the Dogs of War figures are suitable for late 15th early 16th century armies. I have 20 Marksmen of Mirigliano to work on at some point for my collection

  2. Right enough, great idea. Soon as I saw the picture I recognised the figures and thought, ' at last I've got something I can use those old DoW figures I've got lying about!' The whole range is very useful if a bit bigger than some other figs.

    How have you attached the de-slotta based figures to the plasticard? Pinned or just glued?

  3. Simple and very nice conversions.


  4. oooh these look nice and strangely proportional for GW, another good find!

  5. Hendrid,
    I've just clipped off the slottas and then filed the feet flat andf glued directly to the plastic card - there's enough surface area for a strong hold. With wagon wheels I'm now adding a pin to the base,as theres too much weight in the castings and too little surface area for a strong bond.
    Keep looking for those Perry metals to be put in the online catalogue!

  6. the blogs comming on really well, looking forward to seeing more!