Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Halbardiers - more WIP

I've painted the figures that I currently plan to use as an attacking Burgundian Ordonnance halbardier unit. The pics are taken quickly on my painting desk, so aren't the best quality. I've decided to hold off fixing them and completing the basework, just in case new figures that lend themselves to these get released. I'll probably come back to them in a couple of months and see how the land lies.
The additional bases are both metal and plastic Perrys, to which I added a couple of scarves to helmets. I'm pleased with the overall composition which I was seeking to achieve. It's nice to do a unit in fighting poses rather than the usual two ranks deep and bases such as these attracted me to Impetus and so I'm now sketching out what others I could do in future.


  1. Those look rather nice and the composition is excellent.

  2. Very nice painting, I like the way you've based them as well in a kind of V formation.

  3. Splendid painting and the pose of the whole unit on the bases creates a wonderful effect!

    Well done :o)


  4. Lovely unit !!!

    Best regards Dalauppror

  5. Really great work here man, inspiring!


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