Thursday 20 October 2011

Archers encore plus Bourguignon

The fourth and last unit of Burgundian Ordonnance longbowmen. These are the balance of the figures painted so well by Rafa of Archiduke Painting; one of the figures painted by me is tucked in at the back of one of the stands. The flag is a temporary one for the purposes of the photo, until I decide which Company these will represent.
The remainder of the Ordonnance companies will comprise of either pike, handgun, crossbow or halbards (the latter is at an early stage of prep). However I do plan to complete a unit of Ducal Guards, which will be represented by longbowmen, either exclusively or in a mixed unit with halbards. These will wear the Charles personal livery and be well equipped - I'm going to see what other metals get released in the Perry WR range before deciding which models to use for these.