Sunday 31 January 2010

WIP - Wars of the Roses

I feel obligated to update the blog, so these are only some WIP shots. I've also bought myself a cheap lightbox, so I wanted to try that out too.
These are a few of the Perry plastics that I'm working on for two Wars of the Roses games planned for this year. As both require a large amount of figures to be done (large that is in relation to usual output) the dip-and-highlight approach is being refined. I'm now using both Dark and Strong tones of Army Painter selectively; although I'm a bit concerned that the Dark is too dark and tends to flatted colours after a matt varnish is applied, but it does look very effective on the armour IMHO, so I intend to continue with it. The key appears to be to use very light base colours, pre dip, to compensate. The good news, I keep reminding myself, is the quick pace that the painting conveyer belt is moving along and that basing up with improve the overall effect when they're on the table. These are gaming figures and not ones for close examination in the collector's cabinet.
Above pics are fom Earl of Devon's contingent for a 'Salute' game; the completed unit will be a body of household men at arms and billmen, with two 'sleeve' bases of longbowmen. I've drilled out the hands for flags on metal rods, partly as I do have a slight concern with the plastic ones snapping one day, but mainly as I will 're-cycle' these as alternative units for the Northampton game via a swift change of flag and standard. That said I'm hoping to get some waterslide decals made up with livery badges on, so hope no-one will be too eagle-eyed to spot this! The retainers wearing livery coats are therefore patiently awaiting arrival of the decals before a brush on of dip.


  1. I think they look very nice,so I see no reason to say they aren't worthy of close inspection.Be happy your getting such nice results.:-)


  2. I agree with Christopher, these look great!

    Can I ask what the colour you used for the harness before you used the dark tone dip?

  3. Thanks to both for the supportive comments, am now saving up for better camera!
    Dave - the Dark tone dip was brushed onto GW Mithril Silver.

  4. Really no need for a new camera me thinks. It's just a matter of reworking your pictures. You could easily enhance the look by setting a 'white point' (which is part in every picture editing program; search for colour adjustment and a pipet icon). If you have an all-white background, click on that and you're done.

    Otherwise, these pictures do already a good job at showing your great work. Looking forward to your first 'massed battle'.


  5. The armour looks spot on. I may have to reconsider using the dip method. Thanks for posting the pics.


  6. Looking good, ditto on the armour comments, it really makes these look like lead figures that have been polished. It's hard to spend less time on figures or change technique and i'd say you've adjusted well,the overall feel is uniform and to a good standard so i wouldn't worry about that too much, they're detailed figures so they lend themselves well to wash techniques.

    Where are you getting the proposed decals from?

    Keep it up - shame we have jobs to go to isn't it!



    PS, I tried a couple of headswaps on your reccomendation, thanks again