Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A Waiting Game

The release of the next Perry Miniatures box set is almost upon us - it seems a long wait since the Salute preview - and first images of the foot knights have been shared. I plan to use these new figures to create a contingent of Burgundian household knights fighting on foot, as well as some Swiss front rank pikemen. Aside from venturing into painted up more of my AWI, I've used the time to also start preparing another mounted men at arms unit, who'll have selected new helmets to add more variety - although a look at the sprue shows that not all of them are new sculpts, but some useful new styles never the less.

Most of the figures are in state of headless preperation. The knight holding the hammer has a large plume added (from a games workshop figure) and the figure on the right now wears a short cloak (which really has pushed the outer limits of my putty skills!).  

Many thanks to all who ordered castings of the hounds- I look for wars to spotting them on blogs one day. I still have some left if anyone else is interested. 

Roll on the pre-order date!

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Release the hounds..!!

I've received the castings of my medieval 'aluants' - very crisp moulds from Griffin Moulds that really bring out the detailed sculpting skills of Steve May.

I've fast-tracked the painting of a set of four, to show them off (the man at arms was already done and waiting to be joined by his pack). I need to investigate a good colour pallet for the dogs, but a quick look at the medieval illustrations I have seems to show few markings; really having just a single colour coat. My favourite pose is the one sniffing for the scent of a deer or boar. The picture below shows the castings, with just a wash of GW Nuln Oil. You'll now spot these little chappies turn up in many future vignettes of mine no doubt!

I currently have some spare packs, which I'm able to offer to sell if anyone's interested. I guess the dogs could be used across the medieval and early modern period, and probably for the ancient period too?
I've costed them at roughly what they've cost me, as this is not a commercial venture, but equally its not cost-effective to just have handful cast up.

So, there are 4 dogs per set (as per the photo) and cost is £3.55 including postage to the UK, and £4.25 for postage to Europe. Payment can be made by PayPal please, made AS A GIFT, to my Paypal account which is
IMPORTANT - Please also add your delivery address to the Paypal payment (or send me a separate email), as I've discovered that Paypal don't always provide this when I get the funds notification!
Many thanks.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

vignettes (II)

A couple more vignettes completed; the first being a Burgundian messenger, dismounted from his horse and passing written instructions to an Italian mercenary captain.

Most of the preparation work went into getting the positioning for the messenger right. His arms are different ones selected from the bows and bills box, with the hand holding the letter cut from one of the crosssbowman's hands I think. The long riding boots were added from green stuff for the turnovers and the liquid green stuff to bulk out the rest of the legs. The man wearing the coat uses the plastic arms of the drummer from the Mercenaries box, with an altered hand and a bit of cutting away to hold his sword.

The halbardier, who's biding his time, is a metal artilleyman with a simple swop of ramrod for halbard. The herald is also out of the box, but on a HYW horse, as I wanted a passive pose.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Vignettes (I)

Ooops, I'd not intended for the hiatus on the blog to have been so long as it's been. I had got a little weary of medievals to be honest; my 'mo-jo' had dropped as some would term it. So I diverted into adding a couple of units to my AWI last month, which was a good decision as they provided the change of focus that I was needing. (I'm not planning to kick off a blog for my AWI, but they have been posted on Steve Dean Forum).

So whilst I await new figures from the Perrys - be they plastic or metal, HYW or later fifteenth century - whichever come first - I've delved into the lead pile and sorted out two vignettes (with a couple more in progress). It's always useful to have some of these bases to dot around the table and the Perrys recent book showing photos of their ranges, reminded me that most of my Burgundians are based as units and so a few more vignettes, or single figures, would not go amiss; plus they don't take too long to complete.

I also had wanted to try out some blue'd armour - having seen some of 'Captain Bloods' wonderful armour finishes some time back on LAF forum. So I added one to each of these bases. I did these using my usual method for plate armour - black undercoat, followed by 'heavy' drybrush of GW Runefang Steel, then a wash of black and brown mix. The blue tone was applied with a couple of washes, using GW Guillman Blue and a small amount of black wash added. Then a very light touch of silver drybrush again. The finish is probably lighter than actual armour was, but I always feel that small figures need to finished in brighter tones due to their size. Anyway, I'm happy with the finish (particularly on the dismounted man at arms) and plan to add a couple to my next unit of figures in full harness.

So, like my knightly miniature friends, it appears I'm 'back in the saddle'...and looking forward to starting a unit of dismounted Burgundian household knights, with the forthcoming Perry plastic box!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Bernese Halbardiers

Just a quick one - as I've finished a few halbardiers, who'll protect the sides of the Berne pike block, who've been lingering on the painting table for too long.

Three metals and two plastics - I'm concerned about the fragility of the polearm heads on the latter, you have to cut the moulded pike and attach a halbard head. The joint has been glued with plastic cement and a thin covering of liquid green stuff, but it snapped from only being knocked over on the painting table. I'll have to ensure they are not too vulnerable when based up.

Some head swops on two of the Perry metals and the odd one out is Citadel 'Dogs of War' figure (sculpted by the Perrys) who's had a Perry Swiss head added, new halbard and some metal greaves smoothed off - but will fit in OK as a different pose.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Medieval Hounds

These are the greens for a set of medieval hounds, that Steve May has kindly sculpted for me. They are based on illustrations of 'alaunts' - a breed of dog which are commonly shown in medieval illustrations and tapestries, but appear to now be extinct. I'm not an expert on dog breeds, but they would seem to have similarities to modern day greyhounds, but a bit bulkier. I'm really pleased with Steve's wonderful sculpting talents,  matching my request for a pair of active and pair of more static hounds, the poses are really great.

The sculpts will be sent off to be cast up in metal quite soon. Plan is then that they'll be available to buy as a set, should anyone be interested. I'll post more info on this, when I have the castings.

So seems like the right time to create a Burgundian nobleman riding out, to be joined by his pack of hunting hounds. 

Friday, 7 March 2014

Communal tent - completed.

This is the finished communal tent, which can be used for either my Burgundian or Swiss armies. It represents an open-ended canvas covered tent, which is used for preparing and serving foods, and which were prefabricated and simple to put up as required.

There are two soldiers eating - one appears to be demanding some additional serving from the cook. The tent is also used for storage, drying washed clothes and is a sheltered spot for a dog to sleep.
The construction of the frame and converted Perry figures have been covered in previous posts.

The canvas cover is a painted sheet of thin pewter and I've left it to be removable, so that the internal features can be seen. Having spent a fair bit of time on this, I didn't want it all obscured by a very pain cover! I have another flag post and orb, on which I'll attach a small flag of a Swiss canton, so that the tent can 'switch sides' when required.

The plated food is from Mirliton (as is the thieving cat); other various boxes, barrels etc have all been collected over several years and I can't recall all the manufacturers. The clothing hanging on the line is made from green stuff and are vaguely recognisable as a hose and doublet.

I will add an open camp fire with some cooking pots and chopped wood, to be placed nearby.