Sunday, 3 February 2013

Wheeling the gun!

The completed base, representing an Burgundian Ordonnance artillery piece being rapidly realigned to try and fire on advancing Swiss, who have suddenly appeared advancing at speed from a different direction than anticipated. Grandson or Morat perhaps?

The figure composition was as outlined in a previous post. The master gunner shouting orders at his crew has been completed with a Perry Minis open visored sallet from the mounted Men at Arms box. This has a plume attached - which is one of four that Oliver James of Steel Fist Miniatures has sculpted for me. The detail of the sculpting is really great and I plan to get these cast up soon, so that I can add more plume variations to helms and chamfrons on my Burgundians. I smoothed away some of the moulded breastplate to have him wearing just a plackart with his doublet. Artillery equipment on the base is a mix from Front Rank and The Assault Group.

I should now focus my time on my HYW at Harness and Array - some postings are imminent.


  1. Those are just super. A great sense of action, and fine example of just how the plastic figures can be used for something other than for what they were originally intended. And really well painted all round - I love the faces in particular. Great stuff!


  2. Another great work, all the details are great, base is wonderful too...Thanks for sharing!

  3. Outstanding work, Simon. I am always really impressed by how every figure has been converted in some way.

    Best wishes


  4. the last head was certainly worth waiting for! another gem! thanks!

  5. Wonderful work and in particular the wood on the gun carriage.


  6. Greate work !!!!

    Best regards Michael

  7. Your attention to detail is superb. A little masterpiece.

  8. Stunning work, a joy to behold !

  9. As a fellow historical modeler I've been following your progress on these army projects with great interest, and all I can say is "chapeau". You've done a masterful job of splitting the difference between miniatures that ostensibly will appear on a gaming table and quality historical modeling. It doesn't hurt of course that your subject matter and the miniatures lines you've chosen dovetail seamlessly with my own favorites! 8^)


  10. Many thanks for the kind words...