Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Burgundian captains (4 of 4)

So that the last planned vignette of a Burgundian captain all done.

These figures are a little more generic - as the guidon is one of St George (based on a captured one still held in the museum of Berne) and which was associated with the Ducal Guard.

Figures are Perrys - the Edward IV figure for the captain (garter removed), plastic man at arms for the guidon bearer, metal horses and an Italian horn blower. The gilding on the captain's armour is based on a carved and painted image if St Florian in a German museum.

Apologies that pics are a tad dark....


  1. A splendid selection of command figures, I shall try and copy some in 20mm when I next get around to Burgundians

  2. The best of the 4 ones,but that musician wins the oscar

    too bad that I cannot do that trumpeter with my perry plastic sets

  3. Lovely looking command group.
    Best Iain