Monday, 13 February 2017

Swiss Crossbowmen (II)

This posting has leapfrogged my planned next update. I'm awaiting some bases being cut for my Burgundian command vignette (all the figures are done), so I've had time to paint up the Swiss conversions as a first unit of crossbowmen.

The main colours for my Swiss Confederation will be red and black, which I've taken from the city of Berne (who provided the majority of troops for the battles of Grandson and Morat) to visually bind them together.

As usual on 60mm square bases. Happy with the completed look, although I'm trying to improve the quality of mail (added with Green Stuff) with the aid of new shaped tools (and invaluable guidance from Matt Bickley) and more practice. I'm pleased with a mail sleeve I've done - we'll see what the next batch look like.


  1. Great painting, converting and basing, and very well done with the chainmail sleeve too!

  2. Superb looking always!

  3. I actually own half of one of your Burgundian armies, and would like if possible to add to it, if you would consider some commissions...

    1. Hello Mark - glad to see that the army has gone to a good home! I'm afraid that I don't have any spare time for commissions, between work, family & hobby. However if things change I will certainly contact you. All the best, Simon.

  4. Great addition to your legions and that sleeve is superb, excellent job.