Monday, 26 September 2016

Bastard of Burgundy - WIP (2)

More plastic and Green Stuff, covered with paint.

The second base, which will be the left hand one of the three, all done and ready for basing. I'm progressing rather slowly these figures; having to do them in short painting sessions, as I'm getting a bit of Burgundian fatigue - which has been relieved by doing other terrain bits and a small group of Greek Hoplites too (!).

Central group of three men at arms including Antony of Burgundy is underway, so completed group should be along quite soon.
Thanks for all your generous comments so far. Simon


  1. Stunning work, I can't believe that they are plastics.

  2. That's some tremendous painting here once again! I'm really looking forward to see the completed unit.

  3. The figures look fatigued, not. Wonderful as usual.

  4. Almost there, at least they're not all intricately decorated bards.......unless that's what group 3 contains, just think of how many hoplites could be done if the procrastination continues, it's win win 😀

  5. Looking wonderful as always Simon!