Saturday, 30 May 2015

Burgundian Coustillers - on the paint bench.

I don't usually post pictures of work in progress, unless its at the ready-to-base stage, partly as the painting table is a distinctly messy place - well overdue for a deep clean.  However, since Salute my time for sitting at the painting table has been very limited, largely due to family matters which have rightly been a priority for me.

So here are some Burgundian coustillers in various states of progress - some pretty much finished and some with details to be added, as are their mounts. I don't usually start on such a big group, but I got into a creative groove in assembling them straight after Salute and so decide to try and get through a batch of fifteen of them - in total I'll need to complete nearly sixty, so quite some way to go just yet.

They are not attached to the horses, just perched for the moment and I'll decide how the riders match up to the horses at a later date; in fact it maybe some time before they are based, I may do quite a few before I make any decisions on basing. There will be 3 bases, of 3 figures each, per contingent to support the men at arms.


  1. These are already looking great, they will be a great addition to your superb Burgundian collection!

  2. they look great! i'm looking forward to seeing them all based up!

  3. Looks really good and btw your desk top looks just as crowded as my own!


  4. These look brilliant- and I particularly love the pell mell way they are set up on your painting table. Gives them lots of motion already!