Monday, 27 January 2014

More supplies.

The third and last supply wagon that I plan to do for the present time. When I first saw pictures of the 'greens' for this model, they had a real wow factor - so I can't quite understand why I've taken so long to paint it up. This is a straight forward paint job; I didn't add the bracing struts over the wheels on this wagon, as aligning and fixing them was getting too tricky.

I've put the pair of oxen on a separate base, so that I could use it in a static position in an encampment. I'd already used the drover supplied on another model, so I have added a whip to the hand of one of the new peasants from the Perrys AO Range. I've not glued in the wagon contents, to give more flexibility - and the family members are also just leant on for now. That woman must have a damn good sense of balance, stuck up there on uneven fifteenth century roads I'm thinking! My tin of Humbrol Matt Cote is getting a bit old and seems to have lost it's wonderful matting properties, so regrettably the oxen and woman and child are too shiny for my liking (which I'll remedy another day).

So back to all them Swiss pikemen I guess...


  1. Another well painted and thought out baggage wagon, and once again love the wood colour of the wagon!
    Perhaps its a good idea to get the Swiss rolling again now, you know they don't like being kept hanging around without pay or purpose!!!

  2. Lovely paintjob. Clever idea to have the wagon and oxen separate. I left off the bracing struts as well, even looking that the Perry website I couldn't figure them out or make them look 'right'.

  3. One can judge a modelling/painting project's quality by the amount of 'useless' figures (in gaming terms) it contains. The more scenic bits, civilans, vignettes, usually the better. And you're doing a fantastic job here!
    Very nice work on that wagon, the separate draught animals in particular. Hopefully the poor lady won't fall off, though, her seat looks a bit wobbly. ;-)

    Cheers, SG

  4. Very nice work.

    What made you go with two oxen instead of four?


  5. Beautiful work, I love it!

  6. Many thanks for all the comments. :-)