Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Burgundian skirmishers (first base)

First completed base for another Burgundian handgunner & crossbowmen unit. I changed the casualty figure that I was working on in the previous post, as he didn’t fit on the base in the corner of the foreground exactly where I wanted, so will be used somewhere else.

This casualty figure is a Perry HYW metal, who with some minor amends of providing him with a later fifteenth century sallet, removal of the plate & padded defences on his legs and the addition of a St Andrews cross on his jack, has just squeezed him into being an acceptable figure for the 1470s.

The fencing that the skirmishers are negotiating is Renedra plastic with a fence post of wooden dowel.
Some planted crops are at their flowering stage in the field that the Burgundians are emerging from.

Feel a bit fraudulent posting on only one base and three figures. Two more skirmisher bases to come to complete this unit – next figures have been assembled and are ready for painting.


  1. Fantastic, love the animated pose on the hand gunners

  2. What a beautiful stand of troops!

  3. Wow!!! That is bl**dy lovely! You´ve even painted the inside of the fallen guys helmet.

  4. Stunning work, love the action in the base !!!

    Best regards Michael

  5. Great painting as always but the composition and action here is wonderful. You can almost hear the chap grunt as he jump the fence!

  6. It's not just about three figures, it's about showing a great piece of scenery and diorama building. Love the flowery field and all.

    Cheers, SG

  7. Fantastic base and figures,I can't wait to see the next one...

  8. Really inspiring work, a great idea for most periods

  9. Beautiful! I do like this work and the impression of movement...

  10. Man that is so cool! There is so much story in that one piece.

  11. Very nice and dynamic vignette! Seeing all those well painted burgundian troops makes me want to start with some burgundians as well, maybe for the siege of Neuss? ;-)
    Best regards Stefan