Monday, 18 June 2012

Joan - converted

A very quick post - taken with a poor picture so my apologies - of the converted 'Joan to a Burgundian man at arms' Perry figure with paint now applied. The highlight tones on the horse have not come out well under the desk lamp (usually I try and take all pics in natural light). However I'm pleased that the idea has turned out well in practice as a nicely posed figure, who should fit well into the next Company (or perhaps the one after that when I make a final decision on basing, we'll see).

The other men at arms are making very slow progress - the horseflesh and trappings seem a bit tedious to paint - at the moment I'm getting more out of assembling and seeking new poses and variations.  So I'm guilty of having diverted into a couple of other vignettes, which I'll post when I have some outstanding items needed to finish them off.

More soon.


  1. Great conversion and very nice paint job.


  2. Very nice looking mini !

    Best regards Michael

  3. An excellent figure, great conversion work!!!

  4. Another great conversion and painting.
    Looking forward to those vignettes.

  5. That is really rather nice.

  6. Great conversion, but one word - moobs ;-)