Friday 8 October 2010

'Dulle Griet'

The latest Perry metal WotR pack, painted as the Burgundian bombard 'Dulle Griet', or 'Mad Meg' in English. This enormous bombard was commissioned by Phillip the Good around 1450, his arms are displayed on the original, and remained part of Charles the Bold's substantial artillery train, although it's not known if it took part in the sieges of Neuss or Morat. The barrel was made up of 32 long iron staves, bound by 43 iron hoops, and it blasted out 64cm diameter stone shot. Dulle Griet is still viewable today in the centre of Ghent.

As previously blogged when in WIP, I've used the mantlet seperately and put three crew on 'sabot' bases, to increase it's utilisation with other armies. I've swopped in a plastic WotR gunner. The equipment pieces are from a variety of sources, inc Front Rank, Bicorne and Architects of War. I hope that it doesn't look too crowded, but as the gun would have been in-situ for several weeks or even months, then I'm imagining that all sorts of items built up around it over time. The wooden pallisade to protect the besiegers from any foraying attacks are Kingmaker Minis spare protective sides from their Hussite wagons with bass wood framework attached.

I'm pleased with the tone for the freshly-sut wood, on the pallisade and the bombard's bracings; my thanks to Phil Hendry for his suggestions which I've taken up - Foundry Canvas shade (8A), drybrushed with a lighter 8B and then brushed on with dip (Army Painter strong), before a final Dullcote matt varnish

The HYW version can be seen here

So there you have it - a co-ordinated synergised double-blog, surely a notable first for wargamers? (!!)

I'm now settling on the composition of my Burgundian army, designed for Impetus but which will be based with sufficent flexibility to be usable with other rules. I'll post up the draft army list sometime.


  1. This is fntastic Simon, excellently painted and really crisp photography to boot.

    Well done!


  2. Really impressive, even more so for being dual use...

  3. Wonderful paintjob!I've wanted that miniature ever since I saw it,but haven't yet purchased it.


  4. Fabulous brushwork Simon, very well done.


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